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After listening to different types of music over decades - most of them electronic produced - I decided to make music on my own.
The Beginning was in the year 2015.


My personal history of electronic music

This little history of electronic music has no claim to accuracy and is considered only from my personal point of view.

Grown up in the 80's I remember the big records of Synthesizer Music like "John & Vangelis - The Friends of Mr. Cairo" and of course the grandfather of synthesizers "Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene".
At the beginning of the 90's there was a big Techno music movement. But unfortunately it was made of snthesizer instruments with obvious very low quality. I would call this terrible tunes and without any intelligence in it. Anyway, the masses were excited and so the entire industry ran into a million dollar business. I never understood why people hear to music that could be easily done with a 64k home computer of the early 80's.
The high quality synthesizer sounds from the 80's were continued by another kind of music in the 90's. It was called Ambient music. This new style showed also incredible creativity in very short time. Within a few years the fusions with other styles of music (for example Dub, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rap, Pop) seemed to be endless.
The Chillout style grow up at the same time, but it's name was not present in the beginning.
One of the later directions called Lounge music became famous after the millenium 2000.
Another music style that came over the years in the 90's is Drum & Bass. A more agressive style of it was called Jungle.
A decade after that a new advancement became public. It's called Dubstep.
Nowadays modern Dance Music has influances from many of these types of music.
Certainly there were a lot of other styles (for example, Breakbeat, Easy listening and so on) over the years. They did not reach me truly as a style of ts own. But cobined in a fusion way to other styles of music possibly pretty much.
One more critical word about the Techno movement at the beginning of the 90's. I remember the situations on the dacefloors - a very simple bass pumps out of the loudspeakers for many minutes of it's own - without any changing of the tune. Then the bass suddenly stopps and a little noise comes from the tweeter speakers, like "quizzzuuuii quizzzuuuii chxi chxi", while the dancing crowd was wobbling around without any clear destination. And then, after a few seconds the same bass beginns to run again ... and the crowd screemed like "whoooo..." and put their hands in the air. What a enthusiasm for a stupid simple bass - oh my god. I think you can not stand it without drugs. I never liked this at all.


Some of the most outstanding publications that built my way of electronic music are mentioned below.
This is only my own opinion, and of course there are many many other artists.

Kraftwerk – Electric Café (1986)

Kraftwerk is one of the great pioneers of electronic music. In my opinion their sound quality was leading the field of electronic sounds in the 80's. Melody and bass sounds cool, clear and precise at the same time. They never have been afraid to do any new experiments with their music. Till now Kraftwerk is a kind of root and trend-setter for many many new electronic music projects.

The Future Sound Of London – Accelerator (1991)

The song "Papa New Guinea" extended the growing Alternative scene with it's brandnew outstanding style. To say it in other words: this song opened a new dimension of Alternative music the early 90's. The Album "Accelerator" showed overall even more variety in other directions.

Time Modem - Beyond (1993)

Time Modem was ahead of their time. They did not take care of any melodic rules of their time. The result was shown at novel sounds and baselines that could be also brandnew from nowadays.

Stevie Be Zet - Archaic Modulation (1994)

Elongated and partially confused synthsounds generate a special way to bring up very strong feelings, like desire or home sickness but also happiness and love. That is the reason why this music is able to affect the listener in a dramatic way. (This release is even similar to the soundtrack from the film "Bladerunner", made by Vangelis.)

The Bionaut - Lush Life Electronica (1995)

The big strength of this release is it's soft and cool melodic synthsound. This runs like a waterrfall into a floating water, continously and easily. By hearing track after track time seems to become another dimension.

Underworld - Second Toughest In The Infants (1996)

Underworld was always ahead of their time. They created a special style. I saw them live in Germany 2005 and it was amazing.

Intense - Logical Progression Level 3 (1997)

The label LTJ Bukem with one of their first great drum & bass sessions. Cool vocals, very low bass and melodic waves control the field of strings. Some tracks show a little bit of aggressiveness, but simultaneously never loose the coolness at all. Since then LTJ Bukem released one great album after another.

Fluke - Risotto (1997)

Extrem cool and fast synths, paired with sharp beats makes this release to the perfect motivation machine for sport skills. Once the beat is in your mind, you can't stop it anymore. Very fine sound work at all.

Laurent Garnier - Unreasonable Behaviour (2000)

Laurent Garnier was always a pioneer in good electronic music. With this release he mixed strange noises and interferences skillful into the tracks. Eventually you could describe this as an inventor for the later Dubstep style.

Deadmou5 - Random Album Title (2008)

The famous title "Not Exactly" with its bright pumping soundscape is typical for Deadmou5 new style. Another similar Title is "Faxing Berlin" which sounds even more relaxed at all. Deadmou5 opened a new area in forming synthesizer sounds. It was a video clip of him - live producing in his studio - which gave me the necessary kick to start music production of my own.