A selection of my private films
I have also created them for exercise

1SHOT Trailer - CRETE 2016

Aerial Videography - some tryouts made on my holiday in CRETE 2016.


MTS Metalltechnik Schweitenkirchen

Absturzsicherung für Aussichtsplattform - Neubau 2017 Wendelstein Observatorium MTS GmbH - Metalltechnik Schweitenkirchen Liebigstraße 8 85301 Schweitenkirchen


Athens - the pulse is beating

My first timelapse / hyperlapse film. It was made within my 5 day travel to athens. The material consists of more than 8000 photo shots and other additional film material. But there was one day of the 5 on which I had no camera with me (just my wife an nothing else).


Crete 2017 - Impressions from Crete

On my holiday 2017, I took some impressions from Crete.


Crete - Katalagari Archanes Jouchtas - Drone flight

This film is dedicated to the inhabitants of Katalagari. This is the little village where my grandmother is born. Katalagari belongs to Archanes and Archanes is in the valley of the mount Jouchtas. On the mountain peak is a little chapel called Afendi Christou.
ATTENTION: the cuts are relative boring because many inhabitants told me that they would be glad to have a look at their own house. So be patient, please.


Triumph - Rocket III - 12.meeting


Triumph - Rocket III - 11.meeting


Triumph - Rocket III - 10.meeting


Triumph - Rocket III - 8.meeting


Triumph - Rocket III - 7.meeting


Paintball - Gotcha - medley


A little history of my cams

from 2005 filming was just a hobby

2005 SONY DCR-HC1000E (DV)
2005 CANON EOS350D
2008 CANON EOS450D
2011 CANON EOS600D
2011 SONY HDR-CX360
2012 GoPro Hero 2
2013 GoPro Hero 3 Black
2014 SONY HDR-CX900E
2013 Smartdrones Hexacopter SD-R820-aero-lifter
2015 GoPro Hero 4
2016 DJI Phantom 4

from 2017 I started as a pro

2017 GoPro Hero 5
2017 DJI Phantom 4 pro
2017 SONY A6500