Since the digital cameras have improved over the years, it has become easier to produce high quality videos.
But even faster and better software extended the possibilities.
Nowadays it is often only a matter of time to get a really high-quality video,
provided that the filmed material is good enough for postproduction.

A good film maker learns from his own mistakes.
But if you want to be a better film maker, you have to learn from the mistakes of others.

camera operator

As a camera operator you have the task to get the most out of the camera to get the best possible shot. If you are not completely satisfied with the shot repeat it if possible.
It is also always good to know all the little tricks you can do to make postproduction much easier, faster and therefore cheaper to produce.

filmeditor / Cutter

As a filmeditor and cutter, you have the responsibility to turn the project, through your own creativity and intellectual freedom,  into a product that inspires the customers.
One of my most important basic rule is:
A good single cut is just as long as the whole story of the scene has beed told - not longer, but also not shorter. Sounds simple, but you need a lot of practice to get the "eye" for it.

Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography enables new perspectives and gives the possibility to play with space and time. Short timelapse intervals in the cuts may bring greater dynamics into the film. But sometimes less movement can also be better than more.
It is always helpful to know this when you control a flying camera.